Personal Finance Budget Update September 2015


The month comes to a close and there have been many exciting new beginnings. As I mentioned in my last post Best Posts of September 2015 personal life is really starting to evolve as wedding venues are on our minds. Haven’t been stretching too much in terms of hours worked but would like to continue getting a few hours here and there if they were available.

Personal Finance Budget

My personal finance budget took a slight backseat this month in the auto field. Had a few things come up that I’m less than happy about. Other than that it was an overall good month in the “money saving” department. Hoping to initiate one or two new positions in my ROTH IRA this month so stay tuned because there is more to come.

Best Posts of September 2015


This month has really just flown by and although I didn’t outright mention it I did happen to get engaged at the end of last month. We’ve been dating for about three and a half years now and I knew it was time to truly start our journey together. With that being said I really did not imagine the amount of things that need to be planned for a wedding. Here in the NYC suburb areas picking dates that are 2 years away are pretty much the standard. Every venue we’ve seen so far has no openings for 2016 and most of 2017 booked so we are waiting patiently on a few waiting lists.

I need to regain some focus on posting more frequently but between work during the weeks, overtime, and then venue/band/photographer hunting the days just seem to come and go. I’m still steadily adding 10-15 hours of overtime a week which has allowed me to expand my budget a bit and enjoy the swings of Mr. Market. The year is coming to a close and 2015 may the first bearish year we’ve had in a while. To that effect let’s stay diligent finding quality dividend growth companies and increasing our portfolios together in this upcoming year 🙂

The posts you see below are going to specifically feature the blogs on my blogroll for this Best of Monthly Series. If you think you wrote a better article on any given day post it in the comments and I’ll check it out. Also if I have any day that’s missing and you want to be featured in that slot post it in the comments also. This is just my way to show some love to my blogroll peeps – want to trade links and be in my blogroll click here! 

This month’s favorite post goes out to Keith over at DivHut with his post title “Financial Advice from the Old Testament. Keith mentions a few quotes from the Old Testament in the book of Ecclesiastes which have a shockingly similar impact on modern life. To put it plainly the birth, life and death of man is inevitable and we should take time to reflect in past wisdom to pursue what truly matters to us. Great Read Keith! So without further ado here are the top posts I picked out this month:

Sunshine Blogger Nomination

happy sun

Want to start with a big shout out to Bryan @ Just One More Year for nominating me for this award. Really appreciate being recognized by others for my small slice of internet blogging fame. So without further ado, lets jump right into this.

About a month and a half ago I was contacted by Bryan and nominated on his site for a sunshine blogger award. As the summer is coming to an end and the sunshine is slowly fading I really wanted to post this before all the warm sunny vibes were gone.

Recent Buy – Gilead Sciences Inc


Gilead Sciences Inc.

(Ticker: GILD)

“Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a research-based biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines in areas of unmet medical need. We strive to transform and simplify care for people with life-threatening illnesses around the world. Gilead’s portfolio of products and pipeline of investigational drugs includes treatments for HIV/AIDS, liver diseases, cancer, inflammatory and respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular conditions. Our portfolio of marketed products includes a number of category firsts, including complete treatment regimens for HIV infection available in a once-daily single pill and the first oral anti-retro-viral pill available to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV infection in certain high risk adults” Read more here – Gilead Sciences – Investor Page – So why did I pick $GILD?

Investing Portfolio Update August 2015


We lost a bit of steam this month as the market (DOW) dropped 8% in two weeks with international stability fears and oil continuing to reach for the bottom of the barrel. Even though we may be entering into a small correction or even a bear market it’s important to remember that for the past 6 years, since March 2009, the S&P has gained 220%. For the knowledgeable investor this just means you take a step back and look at what opportunities are available.

There is always alot of hype about not catching the falling knife, but in the world of dividend growth investing you always need to be on the lookout for buying opportunities. Which is why this month I initiated one position in the monthly dividend income company called Realty Income. I now have 20 full time positions invested in my Scottrade taxable account. Now onto the portfolio update:

Personal Finance Budget Update August 2015


So after spending 12 nights in Portugal and London this budget update is going to be a little interesting. I’m almost pained to write this but I exceeded 7 out of 10 budget categories this month. I’m not going to readjust them for the mere fact that the spending wasn’t typical and being a tourist can get expensive. Like I’ve mentioned before this is my personal finance journey and I’m really trying to cut my frivolous spending.

Personal Finance Budget

My early summer overtime project is back and this will surely make for a very fun Sept/Oct work/pay wise. I absolutely love seeing the extra $4-500 a month but will admit the hours a drag at times. Hopefully this doesn’t deter me from my writing and/or my budget (late night pancakes at a diner, oh how I love’m). So check out my personal finance budget below and let me know what you think:

Best Posts of August 2015


Keeping the tradition going I’m here to share with you with some of the “best” posts I found this month. This was an interesting month to say the least, I took an unplugged 12 day vacation to Portugal and London and was fairly quiet venturing into the blogosphere as I got caught up at work. Don’t be alarmed Rich, me, isn’t going anywhere until he is literally RICH… and maybe even happy too.

The posts you see below are going to specifically feature the blogs on my blogroll for this Best of Monthly Series. If you think you wrote a better article on any given day post it in the comments and I’ll check it out. Also if I have any day that’s missing and you want to be featured in that slot post it in the comments also. This is just my way to show some love to my blogroll peeps – want to trade links and be in my blogroll click here! 

This month’s favorite post goes out to Bryan over at Just One More year with his post title Yolo : You Only Live Once“. Bryan details the importance of living in the NOW, pushing forward when one set of circumstances don’t work out, and taking the opportunity while healthy to follow your goals.

Like I mentioned in July’s Best Reading post these suggestions below are all in the grand bubble of personal finance, dividend investing, frugal living, and early retirement. I frequent between 50 and 60 blogs a day and will only include the out-of-the-box thinking style of posts here that show true writing (sorry no monthly portfolio updates allowed). So without further ado, join me and check out what I thought was the best below:

Recent Buy – Realty Income Corp

Realty Income Logo

Realty Income Corp

(Ticker: O)

“Realty Income Corporation is a real estate company. As of December 31, 2014, the Company owned 4,327 properties, with approximately 4,257 properties leased and 70 properties available for lease. The Company leased to approximately 234 different commercial tenants doing business in 47 separate industries. The properties are located in 49 states and Puerto Rico with over 70 million square feet of leasable space and with an average leasable space per property of approximately 16,350 square feet, including approximately 11,290 square feet per retail property and approximately 196,800 square feet per industrial and distribution property. The Company has approximately 4,308 single-tenant properties and 19 multi-tenant properties. The Company has grouped its tenants into 48 activity segments.” Read more here – – So why did I pick $O?

5 Tips For Saving Money….From A Banker


Guest Post Series –

This post is part of the RF Guest Post Series. If you would like to have your personal finance, investing, or retirement blog featured here send me a quick email on my contact page and we can get started. So without further ado ARB from would like to share five tips to save money while banking:

Hello, followers of Redeemed Finance! How is everything going today?

My name is ARB, the Angry Retail Banker. Fun with acronyms, indeed. Some of you may be familiar with my blog, which is about retail banking from the point of view of a regular branch banker. Even those of you that haven’t really read it (losers!) may at least be passingly familiar with my smiling face, pictured below:

LOGO _3face_only

Over on my blog, I like to educate people on how best to manage their bank accounts. In between ranting about all the nasty customers, of course.

It’s a goal that lines up perfectly with Rich’s goals of controlling spending and debt.

Portugal and London 2015

Wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes for a safe trip – Just returned from a 12 day trip in Portugal and London and wanted to share some of it with everyone. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, also if anyone has specific questions on a picture or caption let me know 🙂

Check out my London Pictures below:      —> Read More